It only took 27 years, but I finally took a ski lesson this past weekend – albeit nordic instead of alpine. The world just isn’t ready for me screaming down a hill on skis, so we’ll save that for another time. This lesson was definitely a long time coming and it had to happen (seeing as I’d like to get into backcountry splitboarding and skijoring), and I couldn’t think of a better place… Read More

I’ve mentioned before that my love of hiking is a pretty new found thing. I spent years dreading the miles due to sore legs and battered feet. I tried one pair of boots after another, but nothing could get me from “Why am I doing this?” to “When can we go again?”. On a whim and suggestion from a friend, I found my feet in a pair of Oboz… the day before setting… Read More

I noticed over the past year or so that I somehow let this lovely little blog of mine become almost entirely resource driven. If an article wasn’t a review, trip report, or valuable lesson learnt – it wasn’t happening. I badly want to change that this year and get back to where I started. I need to stop comparing what I do and where I live to places and people I am… Read More

Every once in awhile, I notice I accidentally take a break from this blog of mine. It’s never intentionally, but I’ve always noticed that the breaks come when I’m at a crossroads. In this case,  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what defines me. For years, I would say that I was a snowboarder and rock climber. Then came kayaking, and now I’ve added hiker on to my description too. The… Read More

Growing up, my parents taught me that you never throw anything on the ground that isn’t meant to be there. Sticks, rocks, or native biodegradable elements (for example, an apple core) were alright. Plastic, paper, or something that might make an animal sick were not alright. Both my brother and I picked up on this naturally and figure out that we shouldn’t be destroying nature at all. Later on, I learnt this… Read More

Back when we first started really getting into this whole hiking thing, we all began eyeballing Franconia Ridge. At 8.8 miles and just short of 4,000 feet in elevation gain, we knew it was going to be a tough hike, but we “knew” we could handle it. However, weather just kept getting in the way. Roughly 2 miles of the hike is an entirely and utterly exposed ridge prone to bad weather – sudden storms, high winds, etc. So, we checked the weather every weekend and every weekend it was terrible. This led us to hike less exposed mountains such as Pierce and Kinsman, but Franconia Ridge was always there taunting us from way up in the clouds.


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