I was digging through old files last night and stumbled across an unpublished article I wrote a few years back. As Tenders & Trails will be turning three fairly soon (July), now seemed like a good time to share (with some minor edits). In essence, this is how it all started. What a ride it has been. _____________________________ “Nope. Not happening. Too steep. I’m staying right here. If you want me to… Read More

Back a few months ago, Rob and I found ourselves standing in the middle of the Nite Ize booth at the SIA Show. To say it was a tad bit overwhelming would be an understatement. Nite Ize seemed to have literally taken every single “Wouldn’t a thing that does this and that be nice” idea and made it a reality. And they were all displayed at once in an astounding wall of… Read More

Alright, folks. No April Fools pranks from Tenders & Trails today, but instead I’m going to offer up a similarly humorous topic: talking like a New Englander. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t drop all R’s or drag out our A’s, but we sure do have a unique language up here. And we know who isn’t local. Your boat shoes and “I <3 Maine” t-shirt weren’t the only dead giveaways. Let’s get started… Read More

I’m normally pretty good at admitting things out loud. For example, I know I’m not a strong climber or fast snowboarder. I know I have a tendency to ramble and get loud when I’m excited about something. I know that I’m probably a bit too obsessed with my dogs, and despite popular belief… I know they are canines and not children. So, I find it strange of all the things I can… Read More

I’ve had ice climbing on my bucket list for a long time now, and I’m stoked to say that I finally got a chance to check it off on Saturday this past weekend. After getting one heck of a phenomenal deal on LivingSocial, Rob and I made the trek up to Essex Junction, Vermont to visit the folks at Northern Lights Rock & Ice. So if you’re interested in trying ice climbing,… Read More

Over the years, I’ve determined that nothing can ruin an otherwise good day of snowboarding (or skiing) like a bad helmet and goggles. There’s a ton of reasons ranging from a completely uncomfortable fit, to miserable designs, or totally ineffective safety features. Seeing as I have a collection of roughly half a dozen helmets in my gear closet and just as many goggles, I’m starting to feel like I’ve seen and worn… Read More


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