156 Days…

So looks like my original goal of posting a few times a week went out the window fast. I actually have a good reason though. Really! Apparently I have a knack at finding the most bizarre ways of getting injured. I can’t just go break an arm or dislocate a shoulder. Nooo, I have to go somehow annihilate the heck out of the fun stuff holding some of my ribs together. The bad news – there aren’t enough ice packs on this planet (especially when it’s 92 degrees out). The good news – the sabbatical adventure is still on. The ER doctors and other awesome medical people were suspecting things that would have put me out of commission this season, but I’m stubborn. =D

The downtime did give me some time to think about all the various things I need to get going before this adventure takes off, so for any of you people out there reading this, give me some feedback!

I’m thinking about getting the following:

  • A Thule rack system with snowboard attachment (I drive a small car and it’d be nice to not kill my backseat with wet snowboards this year)
  • A GoPro camera
  • Another set of bindings (I have a pair of Burton Stilletos I’ll continue to use on one board, but I want to put something else on the other just because)
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3 Comments on “156 Days…

  1. You weren’t accident prone as a child, but when you did do something (injury,etc) you did it up right. I do believe the 99 Restaurant in North Conway still has a dent in it’s wooden doorway from your head :-)

  2. Jillian, this is Aaron from Snowboard Jones, cool blog! Just wanted to let you know that we sell Thule racks and will have GoPro’s this year! I will definitely give you a discount on both, and of course your bindings too!

    • Hey Aaron, glad you were able to find the blog and checked it out! I’ll definitely be getting some gear from Snowboard Jones this year, and trust me – the shopping list has only gotten bigger than this post. =D

      Looking forward to working on the collaborative post with you and Todd on the 19th!

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